Trailside Provisions

Purveyors of back-country approved, premium jerky & assorted trail fare.

From the Gates of the Arctic to the Craters of the Moon, Trailside Provisions was born as the result of countless travels and outdoor adventures across the country. We distribute and produce the most exceptional products possible by using high quality ingredients such as hormone free, grass-fed beef and our exclusive gourmet marinade blends, made from scratch, sourced from chefs and farms from around the world.

Our products are tried and true, being field tested in the harshest conditions such as hiking across Alaska’s temperate rainforests and her countless arctic mountain peaks, trekking though the depths of the Grand Canyon in Arizona and exploring the caves and vast ocean of lava flows in Idaho’s Craters of the Moon Lava Field.

Trailside Provisions has the experience needed to provide the best snacks available to fuel your taste for adventure.

Some of our favorite products include:

  • Mouthwatering, tender, handmade Filet Mignon beef jerky
  • Artisanal South African, grass fed dried beef biltong
  • 100% natural ranch raised, grass feed, dry aged, hormone free beef
  • Tender, amazing quality smoked jerky made in a real smokehouse

Our suppliers

Dave’s Meat & Nuts

Dave always bought Beef Jerky and flavored Nuts and was usually disappointed in the quality and very often felt overcharged. He believes many of you have felt the same way.

Having spent his life in New York City working with some of the country’s best chefs and restauranteurs, Dave took his expertise out west to Napa, CA to focus on his two snacking passions, beef jerky and nuts.

His jerky is smoked in a real smokehouse, using natural ingredients. The result is amazing flavor and truly the most tender jerky you will ever have.

Chudabeef Jerky Co.

Chudabeef Jerky Co. is a locally produced beef jerky business started in Long Beach, CA. They handcraft their jerky in smaller batches to keep the flavors as consistent and fresh as possible.

Each bag of Chudabeef is packed with over 24g of protein using all natural beef, gluten free recipes and no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Made specifically for people on the go looking for a healthier snack alternative and Chudabeef is remarkably high in protein.

Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, fishing, camping, hiking or doing practically anything active, Chudabeef has a flavor that will fit your lifestyle.

Brooklyn Biltong

Biltong is an all natural bite of steak in a bag that has a chewier texture and is a great source of clean protein. Growing up in Pretoria, South Africa, Ben would never leave without brown bags stuffed full of the delicious dried meat for the ride home. In Africa, biltong is a household name, but Ben always felt that it was a taste that needs to be shared with the rest of the world.

Ben and Em made their first batch of Biltong in 2012 as a snack for their wedding reception. None of their  friends had tasted it before, but they met it with delighted tastebuds, and a demand for more!

Crazy Horse Jerky

The beef jerky artisans at Crazy Horse Jerky hand-craft the most succulent naturally-smoked gourmet beef, chicken and bacon jerky in small batches. This 100% natural, preservative-free jerky is smoked to perfection using maple and fruit woods in our custom smokehouse, never using chemicals or liquid smoke.

“My father, grandfather, and great grandfather were farmers, and, adhering to their “from my hands, to my table” principle, smoked a great deal of their own meats. It is from this line of men that our 19th century family recipe originated. To this day, everyone who tries the jerky marvels at its quality and succulent complexity of flavor. We love what we do, and we stand behind the excellence of our product- we wouldn’t sell it otherwise.”

People’s Choice Beef Jerky

In 1929, my grandfather John Bianchetti founded Peoples Old Market in Downtown Los Angeles. His motive was simple: support his young family by doing what he knew best — quality meats. Despite the passing of time and generations, we have maintained our commitment to the founding principles of my grandfather.

We take great pride in our process. It is testament to our tradition. We have purposely retained the handmade element in each step of our process. It is our way of preserving tradition, remembering our history, and ensuring the highest quality product. Simply put, things are done better by hand. Whole muscle pieces of lean beef are trimmed by hand then sliced to proper size, spice blends & marinades from family recipes dating back to the 1920s are infused into the meat, each individual piece is laid by hand onto stainless steel racks and then the meat is cooked & dried to perfection.

Three Jerks Jerky

Friends, occasional jerks and passionate foodies, Daniel Fogelson & Jordan Barrocas set out to craft the finest meat snack ever created. Spending countless hours experimenting with various cuts of meat and different flavors in pursuit of this holy grail of a snack they created an aristocrat amongst plebeians—filet mignon beef Jerky.

The tenderloin, or Filet Mignon, on the other hand, is the finest cut of steak available. Lean and succulent, this tender and buttery meat puts all other to shame. With dazzling flavors and only real ingredients (no nitrates, no gluten, no preservatives) they produce an incomparable beef jerky.

To insist that their beef jerky is delectable would be putting it modestly.

Tahoe Tony’s

Tahoe Tony’s uses only 100% natural beef. Not just any natural beef, but Bently Ranch dry aged, grass fed and finished, 100% natural hormone free beef, with no MSG, nitrites or added salt.

Tahoe Tony’s is a small batch, artisan Jerky that is thicker cut, moister, and with a beefier flavorful than what is available on the Market Today. Tahoe Tony’s uses only whole pieces of meat, so you do not end up with dry little chunks or flakes.

Tony is an honest man, selling an unusually high quality product at undeniably reasonable prices.

Uncle Andy’s Jerky

The vision for Uncle Andy’s Jerky was born late in the Fall of 2012. Inspired by the craft beer industry, Uncle Andy’s Jerky utilizes honest ingredients  including choice Black Angus beef and offers unique & tasty jerky flavors. Uncle Andy’s Jerky continues to experiment and evolve, exploring the possibilities of what jerky can be.

Through this journey Andy strives to become as educated as possible on the process and every ingredient used in jerky production.  Not wanting to use ingredients strictly for marketing catchwords, he adopted the term “Honest Ingredients.” Choosing ingredients based on environmental impact, sustainability, accessibility and cost. Andy  doesn’t put anything in there that doesn’t need to be. No extra sugar and no ingredients you cannot pronounce. Just real food

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